Fishing Season

 Fishing for trout and grayling in Bosnia and Herzegovina is possible from beginning of April to right through November. It is important to highlight that all the rivers are absolutely clean and the fish in them is wild and highly selective. Fishing is mostly done using the rod class 3-5 mid flex action with the small tippet (0,10 - 0,13 millimeters). In summer time when the water level is steeper the fish become more selective. Then it is recommendable to use the tippet size 0,08 - 0,10 millimeter, rod size 8-9 feet and class 3 mid flex. It is absolutely imperative to mention that the hooks used must be barbless and fishing net is required.

With the beginning of the fly-fishing season the fish leaves the spawning site and is very hungry. On the water surface there are many flies which are much bigger in size and the fish become less selective. This also indicates that the fish will fight much more intensively in this period.

When the summer arrives and the days are getting warmer flies get smaller in size, hooks size 16, 18 and 20 are then recommendable.

Fishing in Bosnia is excellent, but it requires a high level of expertise in choosing the right fly, especially in the days when the fish is less active. The evening hatch rises the opportunity to hook a bigger fish.

With autumn setting in, which represents the end of the fly fishing season, fish become more selective and the amount of flies on the water is getting smaller. This is due to the fact that the fly swarming cycles are over and on the water surface we find mostly Dun-flies. The best time for fishing is now in the afternoon until nightfall.

At all of Bosnia's fly fishing destination nymph fishing is creating a lot of pleasure and will most certainly provide you with unforgettable moments. One rod, one fly and one river - infusion of life called fly fishing. Does a person need something more?