Location: northwest Bosnia and Herzegovina
Spring: Gornja Sanica
Characteristics: mountain river, 10 m wide, 1-2 m deep

The River Unac is a perfect specimen of a mountain river, in that it has a great water capacity and flow rate. It merges into the river Una near Martin Brod. Upstream of the mouth of river Unac is the best fly fishing location under the special fishing regime.

At this part Unac is 30m wide and 0.5-4m deep. Unac is extremely rich in large rainbow and brown trout. Many of the fish caught weigh between 2 and 6 kg, although some fish caught in pools can often weigh up to 10 kg. Besides trout in Unac graylings can be caught. Trout can be caught using dry flies, nymphs and streamers. Fishermen should note that the fish are active all day on a dry fly and that Unac is famous for the extraordinary number of fish caught in the early evening.