Location: northwest area of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Spring: area of Bosanska Krupa
Characteristics: mountain river, 20 m wide, average 1-4 m deep

Another representative of absolutely clean mountain rivers, with emerald green drinkable water and a spring that cannot be compared with any others is Krušnica. Enormous capacity, with 120 m deep water at the spring makes this beauty unseen.

The river itself is 6,5 km long, with a fly fishing area of 3 km. The temperature of the water at the spring is 8-9 °C and rises up to 12-13 °C at the conclusion to river Una.

This area offers the best conditions for fly-fishing using dry fly and nymphs, but streamers are forbidden.

Krušnica River is rich in grayling and brown trout. Many of the grayling caught were about 40 cm long; while for brown trout you can expect specimens up to 5 kg.

Krušnica is one of few rivers where the fly-fishing season lasts from May to November.