Location: west of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Spring: near Šipovo
Characteristic: mountain river, 10 - 15 m wide, 1 - 5 m deep

Cristal clear and beautiful mountain river composed out of 4 springs not far away from the town Šipovo all the way on the west side of BH. It is 146 km long and it flows into the river Una in the town called Novi Grad. One of the most interesting locations for fly-fishing is proximately 25km near the spring. With very rich underwater world and high bio productivity and an approximate temperature of 7-10 degrees, Sana is real heaven for brown trout, grayling and in some parts we can even find the Danube salmon (lat. Hucho Hucho). Downstream of the river are 2 small canyons where fishing with the nymph and dry fly or streamer is possible. Water rich with oxygen and wild fish represent a real challenge even for top fly fisherman.