About me

Welcome to my webpage. My name is Jan and I was born on 27th of January 1960 in the Czech Republic, graduated University in Zagreb, Croatia. Today, I live in Novi Grad, a small and beautiful town which found its place in between two mountain rivers – Una and Sana. My childhood and most of my adult life I spent close to the river Una. Back in 1975 I joined the magical world of fly fishing thanks to Professor Rudolf Grgic and Doctor Milan Kekic who were my fly fishing idols. I invested a lot of time and patience into studying entomology, fly-tying and then mastering the fly casting techniques as well as the correct presentation of the fly. Joining this world for me was like getting an infusion – full of life essence which is still within me today. Since the year 2000, as an experienced fly fisherman, with excellent knowledge of the rivers in my region, I provide fellow fly fishermen and women from all over the world with fly guiding services of rivers in the northwest part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. I had the chance to guide many clients from different parts of the world. A lot of new friendships were born which still last until today. For me personally those are the most beautiful moments created by this unique and royal sport. Hope to see you soon in Bosnia! Tight lines

About Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is an exceptional fly fishing destination for all passionate fans of this royal sport. The land contains untouched and even drinkable mountain water, numerous springs and waterfalls. There are a few places in the world where you can findĀ  untouched environments with crystal clear rivers and springs located in such close proximity. In Bosnia’s 51 129 square kilometers, there are 3 000 kilometers of rivers inhabited with trout and grayling. Altogether, this land promises a completely new and exciting first class experience. There are several beautiful fly fishing rivers in the region, all within 100km of driving. I offer you a guiding service of the best rivers this land has to offer : Pliva, Ribnik, Sana, Janj and Una. All these rivers abound with wild brown trout and trophy-sized grayling. All rivers offer first class fly fishing quality and feature either fly only or catch & release regimes presenting fly fishermen with real challenges.