Location : northwest part of B&H

Characteristics : mountain river 25m wide; 1-3m deep

… is surely one of the most beautiful fly fishing rivers in Europe. It’s color and purity is complemented by the extraordinary natural beauty of the entire Pliva region. Pliva’s spring is in a village called Pljeva, 6 kilometers upstream from Sipovo. Some of the most beautiful fly fishing locations in the country are along this 5 kilometer portion of the river which runs from its spring to the center of the village Pljeva. Pliva is very suitable for fly fishing and has a great population of grayling and brown trout, especially Pliva’s native grayling which reaches in excess of 60cm in length. Although you can easily see a school of graylings, catching one often tires even very experienced fly fishermen because Pliva’s clear water and plentiful nutrition allow fish to grow extremely strong. For that reason, fly fishermen from around the world covet to Pliva’s graylings as significant trophies. I recommend Pliva to all fellow fly fishermen ready for a challenge and noble duel with Pliva’s grayling.


Location : northwest B&H

Spring : Gornji Ribnik

Characteristics : mountain river 20m wide; 0.5-1.5m deep

… inhabited by grayling and heavy brown trout weighing 5 kg and more. This river is very accessible for fly fishing. Because it is so shallow, fly fishermen can easily cross the river at most locations. Ribnik is especially rich in wild grayling, which make up 70% of the fish population. Ribnik generally offers experienced fly fishermen more than 50 actions a day, and provides a good opportunity to learn how to fly fish. Grayling and trout can be caught using dry flies and nymphs, the fish is active during the whole day on a dry fly.


Location : northwest part of B&H

Spring : Srb, Croatia

Characteristics : mountain river 15-25m wide; 1-4m deep

… is a mountain river with plentiful rapids, cascades and waterfalls. Una got its name during the golden age of the Roman empire. As the story goes, when the first Romans saw the river they called it Una – meaning The Only One. It really is one of the precious stone of the worlds natural inheritance. At the upper river flow between Martin Brod and Kulen Vakuf in western part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, there is a special fly fishing area rich in brown trout and grayling. Evey single fish caught is an experience for itself because all the species in this area are native and absolutely wild, without being too large. The river offers the best conditions for fly fishing using dry flies, nymphs and streamers.


Location : northwest part of B&H

Spring : Donja Pecka

Characteristics : mountain river 25m wide; 1-4m deep

… its name is made of the Latin word “Aqua sanus” which means ” healthy water”. This river is a real challenge for all fishermen due to its specific geomorphology. With average temperature that ranges from 8-12 C it represents a perfect habitat for insects which causes a high bioproductivity of the fish. It is great for fishing on nymphs and dry flies while with streamers one can easily hook one of the big trout hiding in the deep pools. Its entire length of 5 kilometers is rich in good sized grayling and brown trout. The fishing license for both Sana and Ribnik is a joint license that allows fly fishermen to fish both rivers on the same day. That way you can try to catch fish on two different water characteristics.  


Location : northwest of B&H

Spring : village Babici, Kupres

Characteristics : mountain river 7-15m wide; 1-3m deep

… is a tributary of the river Pliva, very beautiful mountain river in turquoise green and it’s cold and clean. Its underwater world is filled with different kind of species of insects and represents real “heaven” for grayling and brown trout. Therefore, the fish is in a great condition and active on dry fly throughout the day. Besides that, with good fly fishing techniques and correct presentation on the nymphs great moments on this river are guaranteed. Janj is specific for its small islands which make it a tourist attraction. Since the river is also managed by the LTG Company it has the same license regulations as Pliva and Ribnik. Rules are the same, it’s a strict catch & release regime with one fly.